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Small Strategic Changes Drive Huge Long-term success!

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Lead Mulitiplier

Our engagement metrics algorithm allows YOU to enter YOUR perfect customer into our engine. Our genius software scores your perfect customer against billions of data points and then delivers you with new customers that match in your local area.

Its like a copy machine!

One Lead In – Multiple Leads Out!

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Local Presence

We all know the more live people you speak to, the more sales you will make.

Local Presence displays a local number on CALLER ID, increasing answer rate by 3X.

With our
CLICK-TO-CALL Technology and
LOCAL PRESENCE you will save time and money!

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smart lists

Success is not driven by volume, but by effectiveness and ROI.
Our List services take advantage of proprietary Engagement Metrics and Scoring Algorithms to identify a perfect customer based on your perfect customers in real-time! Then we apply this knowledge to our consumer data-base and provide a list that is full of perfect customers for you, thus increasing productivity and decreasing costs!

Engagement Metrics

This levels the playing field allowing small businesses to take advantage of Big Data and Technology typically only used by huge organizations with million dollar budgets!

You get to leverage millions in technology and data, to derive the same facts that the big companies use for a fraction of the cost.

Demo of Custom Report

Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD's)

Our new gTLD service is designed to provide Big Data analysis, to help navigate the new digital economy.
This is inline with our overall arching goal to give small businesses access to big data and technology once only used by mega corporations and enterprise users, leveling the playing field and impacting positive change in small businesses nationwide.
The power of Big Data and Technology right at your finger tips!

We are a team of technology nerds, and marketing experts striving to empower small businesses for future success.

At our core is the fact that America is driven by small business, and we want to leverage our skills, knowledge and expertise to make a change in a POWERFUL way.

We believe technology and knowledge are essential keys to future success therefore want to make sure everyone has access. Our tools and system are ever evolving. Becoming a customer allows you access to our sharing eco-system, as we strive to continually add tools and technology to make a positive impact on our country's economic strength.

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  • 37% Increase in Profitability
  • 41% Increase in Efficiency
  • 99% Customer Satisfaction
  • Infinite Return on investment


We are hear to serve you 7 days a week. We know that small business is a 24/7 lifestyle, as you technology and data partner we know we need to align ourselves with the same lifestyle for maximum success!
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Founder and driving force for change!
Customer Service is her passion, and it comes from a deep rooted desire to serve and make a change in the world.
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Technology Wizard
Gary is a technology prodigy, and sees the world in a way that others can’t imagine. He speaks code and his work product is like artwork. Like most artists, we keep him in the back to keep creating masterpieces.
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Marketing Team Lead
Marketing analyst and big data guru. Understanding her clients’ needs and her passion for mutual success makes her an invaluable part of the support team.
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Data Scientist
Years of technology, advertising and marketing experience along with big data and scientific background make Eric a leader in his field.

Happy Customers with real results

markets, case studies & whitepapers

FYI we also offer "Turnkey-Exclusive" Lead Generation programs, as well as Search Engine Optimization services for those who want to establish long term solutions.

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