Sales and Women

1) Be honest  Making your product pink or pretty isn’t going to win over the ladies, says Lisa Johnson, CEO of Reach Group Consulting . Unless it has something to do with their bodies and biology, don’t try using that line. 2) Be on message What’s important to women in a product? Quality, consistency, design,[…]


Closing Techniques

    When making sales the most important part isn’t the asking the right questions or making a connection with your client although they are very important that Most important is knowing how to close! If you aren’t capable of closingcl there is almost no point of even talking. 2 Traditional Closing Techniques Traditional closing sales techniques usually[…]


How Not to Sell

How Not to Sell When you are trying to sell something, we all know that being the most friendly and charming is the best way to get your point across.A salesperson really shouldn’t phone constantly over consecutive days or email multiple times a day. You want to be consistent but not overbearing. The number one[…]