Angry Customers: How to Handle It

Angry Customers:

How to Handle It

While an unfortunate truth of the customer service industry is that we can’t please everyone no matter what, more often then not there will be one person upset by something we failed to make clear or they misinterpreted. Now while we can deal with the causes of the customers anger by isolating the causes that end in customer dissatisfaction. But how do you handle the customer in that moment?


The first important thing is to remain calm, and to never meet the energy that the disgruntled customer is projecting. Remember not to despair and to remain calm through isolating the cause of the discomfort and while establishing a plan in order to rectify the situation.

Often times the best tool for dealing with this kind of a situation is empathy, meaning the ability to see how the problem looks from the side of the customer, as well as from your desk. By aligning yourself with the customer you are able to shift the focus of their anger off of you and onto the problem that you are now facing together. This allows you to also depersonalize the conflict so you are able to remain calm as their anger will not be directed at you which will not make you feel like you are the target of their rage.

  • Never argue back: remember that for all intents and purposes that the customer is always right. No matter what is occurring you need to be able to contain your self and focus on a solution rather then defending yourself.
  • Listen: Often times allowing a customer to talk out their problems will expose the solution as well as decrease their aggression. This includes being patient and allowing the customer to finish their thoughts even if you already have the situation.