Another Sales Saying To Stop Using

Another Sales Saying

To Stop Using

Continuing with the theme of things to avoid saying to a prospective customer, we are going to look at a closing phrase which I hear time and time again especially when visiting call centers.

“Thank you for your time.”

   It should be an written rule never to thank a prospect for their time. Sure they may have enabled you to get through your entire pitch after picking up the phone but when you thank them you are undermining any effort you have put into the conversation. Thanking them makes them feel as if they have accomplished something and that you have already reached the furthest you needed to reach with them. This mindset you have enabled encourages them to cut communication as they already believe they have done their part. They gave you their time because you were being helpful and solving a problem that they may be experiencing and they will continue to give you their time as long as you remain helpful.

Another reason not to use this vastly overused phrase is you want them to believe that if they do not ultimately buy from you they will benefit less then you or your company, leaving them holding the shortest straw. The goal we are trying to achieve is to have the product and your customer service be so beneficial that at the end of the sales process that instead of you thanking the customer, the customer should be thanking you.

More often then not this phrase is repeated at the end of phone calls whether the prospect has decided to buy or not, and it can be a difficult habit to break. I suggest switching it out with a question such as, “Was this helpful?” not only does this give them a chance to end the conversation themselves, but it also adds a retrospective aspect where the customer can give helpful feed back for you to be able to build value on.