Predictive List Builder

Predictive List builder, groundbreaking product we just released!!! Our fully automated process produces consumer prospect lists that are GUARANTEED to outperform traditional “select-based” lists.  PLB lists are highly targeted because they’re built from Predictive Models that leverage your own customer data! With our Predictive List builder you can: Visualize the projected conversion rate of your list Build lists that[…]

Google Voice Dialer on chrome

Google Voice Dialer

You must use Google Voice Dialer also known as “Google Chrome” to access the platform. Out local Presence phones technology is developed to work with google chrome, and will require the latest update. Our Local Number dialer can help you increase your connectivity rate up to 300%. Reports say people are less likely to[…]

Outbound call center software, including FREE CRM and free soft phone

Outbound call center software

Outbound call center software can seem confusing. We try to break it down to meet your needs, and not over sell you on functions you will never use.   Outbound call center management Our system comes with free management tracking tools, including: Call tracking by user in your management account. Usage by user Recordings of[…]


CRM STOCK or FREE CRM Leads.Plus provides a Basic CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for free to every one of our clients. We believe organization is a basic function in business today just like EMAIL. There are many fancy CRM’s on the market today with a ton of bells and whistles, but at the end[…]

Local Vanity Phone Number Availability

Local Vanity Phone Number Availability

Local Vanity Phone Number Availability With 50,000 websites being launched a day, local businesses are finding it more and more difficult to set themselves apart. VANITY NUMBERS are a very low cost way to differentiate yourself in this new digital economy. Local Vanity Numbers have the same “VANITY MAGIC” that the big brands use on[…]

Cheap SIP Trunk Providers

SIP TRUNKING Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) by which Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs) deliver telephone services and unified communications to customers. Looking for Cheap SIP Trunk Providers If your an Account, your looking to reduce operations costs and believe this type of technology will help you do that. Good news, it will!! If your a[…]

Local Vanity Number

Local Vanity Number

The Power of a Local Vanity Number You have found this page for a reason. You want to leverage the power of a Vanity Number. The founder of, is a serial-entrepreneur and has built and sold companies around VANITY BRANDS, and truly understands the “VANITY MAGIC“. So much so that we have an entire[…]

Local Advertising

Top 10 Local Advertising ideas: LOCAL SEO: many large companies focus all their efforts on the national level, leaving a huge gap in local SEO. If your business is LOCAL or you can handle an increase your business  by 300%, then LOCAL SEO is for you. Vey Lost Cost to entry, and success can be[…]

CRM image

FREE CRM or Customer Relationship Management System

Having an effective CRM will help you properly manage your customer relations. A good CRM system helps you to compile strategic information on all of your customers. You will be able to log any conversations, chats, emails sent, direct marketing material sent, any social media posted and any interactions with your customers can be effectively[…]

Local Number Displays to match the number you call increasing connectivity

Caller ID Faker

Caller ID Faker:How to show a local caller’s ID number to my customers out of state? We get this question a lot.  It is the fastest way to make more out of your existing leads. Most high end call-centers use a very expensive dialing technology ($200-$400/per month/per seat) which allows their agents and representatives to make[…]