Benefits of “Bad Leads”

Benefits of “Bad Leads”

Is there any benefit to assigning “bad leads” to a new sales person? While it may seem cruel to only supply them with leads that are less desirable it can actually benefit both their experiences, as well as transition them smoothly into a well maintained sales team. Here is how:

1 ) It allows repetition of a sales pitch until it no longer sounds like its being read from a script, or sounds rehearsed. Eventually your sales person will internalize what they are saying and every call will hear the same pitch as the one before, or even better yet the salesperson will be able to tailor it based on who they are talking to.

2) It boosts initiative. If a sales person starts off getting sales without having to try and accomplish anything it can cripple them when it comes to initiative. Where as if a sales person has to struggle and keep them selves motivated it instills these traits and allows for an easier transition into better sales

3) It shows what buyer traits are and how to find them, even in “bad leads”. This enables a sales person to look for opportunities to make rather then just taking what is handed to them. When a sales person is able to see or hear the same lights go off in a persons head it encourages them to follow the same set up that has gotten them a sale before, eventually turning into another skill in their set.

4) If your sales team, is open and welcoming it also allows for peer review, as a sales person who is new and is experiencing difficulty can seek out their colleagues and learn from them, enforcing team work as well as increasing the knowledge that is shared. This can even help with employee retention as this will allow fast bonding between your sales team.


So in the end, is there ever really a Bad Lead? We suggest the answer is NO! You might have a Bad Leads, in-fact ir is actually a bad contact-number or piece of information, but every lead is an opportunity waiting to be converted. So we suggest it is probably not as much a BAD LEAD but a bad process, which often times can be converted or duplicated by technology or systems designed to make the most our of every lead.

Here are a few more suggestions you might think about, before you call a lead bad:

  1. Have you ran it through our Lead Multiplier, to see if you can get any referrals?
  2. Have you tried calling the number from a Local Touch number? Maybe they did not answer because they have seen your number before, or don’t answer toll free or our of state numbers.
  3. Have to don’t a lad swap with a competitor or friend in the business? We have done a 1 to 1 trade and seen a 1.7% close rates off swapped leads…crazy I know, but the swap was FREE so that is pretty good ROI.