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Caller ID Faker:How to show a local caller’s ID number to my customers out of state?

We get this question a lot.  It is the fastest way to make more out of your existing leads.

Most high end call-centers use a very expensive dialing technology ($200-$400/per month/per seat) which allows their agents and representatives to make calls nation wide but the customer sees a local number on their caller ID, prompting the customer to think it is a local and therefore creating a much higher likelihood that the call with be answered and a new contact or perhaps sale made.

3X: Our Statistics show callers answer THREE TIMES more when they see a local number over an out of state number or a toll-free number, and 5X more than NO-CALLER ID.

All the large companies that offer this type of technology may sell it as an add-on or up-grade to a very expensive platform that they sell. We believe it makes such a powerful difference that every one should use it.  That is why we have invested in an enterprise level solution, and offer it out as needed to our clients as our LOCAL PRESENCE solution.

Increasing Call Pick-up when calling leads is the fastest way to make more out of your leads.

If you buy leads in multiple states, you should not buy one more lead until you fix your PICK UP RATE. Increasing your Phone Call Answer rate is the fastest way to increase your sales and build your business. You may be able to cut your lead spend in half, if you talk to twice as many people from your lead purchasing efforts.


Converting BAD LEADS into GOOD SALES!!!

TRUE STORY: We had an insurance agent who has been selling for 3 years in 5 different states. He went back to his old database and started calling customers who he disopisitioned as “NO ANSWER” and was able to sell 2 deals in the vary day he started using Local Presence technology.


How does it work?

This feature comes built into our back office, and allows you to “1-CLICK-CALL” a customer in your data-base.  The system will locate a number that is local to the customer you are calling and display it on their caller ID. This makes you look like you are calling locally, INCREASES TRUST and ANSWER RATE!


How to change my caller id

Caller ID Faker

Is this Caller ID Spoofing

This is not caller id spoofing, which is illegal, which SPAMMERS use! This is LOCAL PRESENCE ENHANCEMENT.

The difference is when the customer calls the number back it actually goes back to you! That is the hardest part about this very simple process, but VERY IMPORTANT to stay in compliance.

Every number you call is logged into our cloud servers and ID with a number we operate. So when that customer calls the number back, our system answers it, and forwards the number through the cloud, to the number you have listed on your account, making this just like any other call.

VERY IMPORTANT: You must keep the number on your account updated, and it must go to a real number to stay in compliance. Violators will have their account shutdown, and may be reported to the FCC to make sure we don’t get any bad reviews or have problems with them.


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