Defeating Procrastination

Defeating Procrastination


Procrastination in any form is a deadly beast to tangle with while attempting to work in a sales environment. Any inhibitor can easily down grade your best efforts and make them mediocre just by discouraging you from giving a project or sales call your all. Is it possible to defeat procrastination, or is it something we all have to struggle against until taking the steps to disable it become second nature? That is a question to ask yourself but what we can do is supply you with a list of helpful tips to winning the battles against the urge to slack off.

One effective way to succeed against procrastinating is to use power blocking. Power blocking is a technique in which you segment your day into time frames that work for you while taking breaks in between in order to stay invigorated and on top of your work game. This also can help you by breaking down huge tasks that might way lay you by taking them in reasonable chunks and then giving your brain a respite from the task by doing something unrelated.

While sharing information between sales associates can be useful it is important to stay on task, together sales people can generate an atmosphere of work and friendly competition giving everyone an workspace that is charged with positivity and success. Be careful not too become side tracked by things other then your chief focus as a sales person which is: sales.

Another important tool in avoiding procrastination is not anticipating how a prospect will react. Often times when we assume a reaction from a customer we are robbing both the customer of making an informed decision and robbing ourselves of the opportunity to sell.

Finally scheduling tedious task or ones you find to be unpleasant for a specific time when you are full of energy and anticipating the tasks. This way you have the upper hand on the tasks and can focus on less stressful items to cushion the rest of your day. Doing this will allow you to finish your work and make a seamless transition into the next task.