How Not to Sell

How Not to Sell

When you are trying to sell something, we all know that being the most friendly and charming is the best way to get your point across.A salesperson really shouldn’t phone constantly over consecutive days or email multiple times a day. You want to be consistent but not overbearing. The number one way to avoid selling is forgetting Harassment is a turn off!

When you think of a salesmen most likely the first idea the pops in your head is a used cars salesman. EW! No one ever likes that thought. And why is that? Well because you probably associate lying with a used cars salesman. You want to create a transparent appearance something they can connect with. Our number two on the list is. Don’t lie!

When it comes to selling and having a script its always best to know what your going to say but not sound like Repeating the same catchphrases and sales-speak and failing to respond as an alert and thinking human being makes many salespeople lose out. so our third rule is! Know what your selling!

When your talking to a client or someone your trying to get to buy your product although this maybe hard because you talk to hundreds of people a day but each person is different and has a different story. You have to realize that connecting with that person will make the sale! So our next rule to remember is. Connect with the customer, not just online!

Rule five may be the most important rule of all. Confidence is key, Arrogance annoys. Arrogance annoys. Confidence is a major plus in a salesperson, but bragging arrogance is an ugly trait and will make it difficult to engage with a potential client and cajole them into conducting business.