Influencing Logic

Influencing Logic

There are always going to be customers seen as rational, methodical, and logical. The ones who have everything planned out on a spreadsheet of what they need and who they will get it from. Going down the columns and rows they compile their information and at the end of the exercise they will sift through the information and make a informed choice from there. This process is very ordered and precise, it seems that this process couldn’t be influenced, but everything is subjective.

One of the reasons forming a relationship with a customer is so critically important is it allows you to make connections and give you access into the buying cycle before the spreadsheet is even considered or made. This relationship can help you understand what your customer needs, what is important to them, and what factors need to be addressed. In learning these key traits you also encourage your customer to realize that you meet these concerns.

How to Influence a Logic Based Customer

If you as a salesperson are wanting to sway the final buying choice in your favor you can encourage the attributes to point to your product in a far more obvious way then it might normally. Helping to write the spreadsheet, even just through ideas, gives you a leg up on any and all competitors you might have.

For instance if the price of the product of service is the main driving factor for a customer you can show them the difference between price and cost. In this situation a lower priced item may carry the discount with it, but you get what you pay for. A lower purchase price may very well result in a loss of service or other valuable assets. If you show them what they could end up putting at risk and then show them how your company excels at this service this forms an emotional response which you help to justify by helping them choose the right qualities for the product they are looking for.