Is Sales Just a Game?

Is Sales Just a Game?

Too some sales is just a job, something they are either naturally good at or something they have to work to achieve. Too others sales can be made into a game, through what is known as gamification which is the application of game design elements into scenarios normally seen in a non-game context. For example their are game developers that have turned a to do list you program into your phone into a role playing game where you receive rewards based on how much you get done throughout the day.

While not as in depth into gamification it is easy to turn sales into a game. From simple friendly competition between sales agents to monthly goals which merit rewards any activity which heightens focus on the end goal which you assign is a positive. Using a sales persons naturally competitive outlook and their desire to do well in life will be able to encourage better performance as they  interpret work as something they look forward to.

When gamification becomes a reality in your company it encourages sales managers to identify particular behaviors they want to focus on and develop which can then streamline mechanics and data for a more accurate CRM. Not only will this help your business but it has the possibility to revolutionize how you train new hires, as well as how you measure performance.

One door to door sales company which does demonstrations inside customers homes has several competitions to encourage performance such as:

  • A point for whoever knocks and enters a house first that day
  • A point for whoever can answer focus questions before the team heads out to the workable area that day
  • An additional two points per sale

You can see how quickly these points would add up when skilled sales people are striving to get the top prize for that week. It also showed this company what their employee’s were best at as some individuals were better at knocking then others into demonstrations in order to achieve sales earlier in the day.