Keep Your Customers Engaged

Keep Your Customers Engaged

Often times when you finally get your prospect on the phone the next challenge is to convince them to stay on the phone so we here have compiled a short list in order to help keep those prospective customers talking to you.

 Promise to keep it short and sweet

In most cases prospective customers don’t mind staying on the phone for a little especially if it is just to hear your pitch. If you can promise to be short and “sweet” meaning that the object you are selling will appeal to them you are more likely to get a client to stay on the phone with you. You may end up going over your time limit but with the proper pitch its very likely you will be allowed to finish, if not call back at another, more conducive time.


Make the call personal

This is especially important if you are calling someone you have already had prior experiences with, if you are able to establish a personal; common ground that they view as positive you have instantly elongated your available time with them as they view the exchange as a positive event.For example, you can lead in by saying: “I thought of you as soon as this offer came up” or “I was thinking about our last call when…” but have something ready from that last call on your mind or it will simply ring hollow and cost you more points then it scores.

 Compliment before pitching your product

Never ask a potential customer anything without giving them something first. Whether it is a thank you, or some kind of compliment, even advice make sure that their is some sort of equivalent exchange. If you are able to generate something worth while most people will respond positively and look to you for more information in the future.


Provide genuine choices to help boost engagement

If they are given genuine choices, people will be more engaged in the conversation and won’t feel they’re being pressured by hard-sell tactics. This means that you ask questions where they feel like what they say will have some effect on what is occurring, if the customer feels like they are simply being set up to answer questions a certain way it is extremely unlikely they will respond how you want them too.

 Save your breath for the closing stretch

While you may be focused on speeding through your pitch in an effort to save time for both yourself and the customer, it is a mistake to rattle on without listening to hear if there are any things you could expound upon in order to make the sale easier for you. In most cases strategic questions are the most effective tool to ensuring that you meet what your customer needs. Once you are addressing these needs it is far more likely that the customer will stay for the duration of the pitch.