Local Vanity Number

The Power of a Local Vanity Number

You have found this page for a reason. You want to leverage the power of a Vanity Number.

The founder of leads.plus, is a serial-entrepreneur and has built and sold companies around VANITY BRANDS, and truly understands the “VANITY MAGIC“. So much so that we have an entire department searching for VANITY NUMBERS. Call owner directly for a Local Vanity Number Search>>1-631-GETVAIN

You probably know the obvious reasons a vanity number works, but if you read on you may find a few things that you can only realize as the owner or operator of a Vanity NUMBER.

Local Vanity Number

Local Vanity Number

Lets start with the obvious!

  • Vanity Numbers are easier to remember, and customers are 44% more likely to call them.
  • Vanity Numbers provide a level of TRUST and AUTHORITY.
  • Consumers will remember your number longer, giving you more opportunities for sale in the future.
  • Vanity Numbers are easy to remember, so therefore easier to REFERR giving you a lift in referrals.

Here is the MAGIC, that only a Vanity Number owner can experience.

  • FREE CALLS: If you do any pay-per-click advertising, you know that for every 3-7 clicks you make a lead. SO if your click cost may be $7.00 but your lead cost is really $35.00. “THE MAGIC”, if you do PAY-PAE-CLICK and put your vanity number in the title or description, you will find people calling your number and not clicking on the ad. GIVING YOU FREE CALLS!!!


FREE CALLLS: One of our vanity numbers reports 50% as many FREE CALLS as leads created from their web-form.

REDUCED COST PER LEAD: This has driven their cost per lead down by 37% overall.

SAVED TIME: Because the lead called them, their staff did not have to waste time trying to reach the potential customer over and over again.

SAVED PAYROLL & STRESS: Because fewer out bound calls were made, this saved on payroll and stress on the system.

OVERALL several companies have reported they would be nothing with out their vanity number.

We believe so much in the power of vanity numbers, we have dedicated a team of marketing experts to help find the next great vanity brand. Along the way we have picked up several vanity numbers that we are making available to other business owners.

If you are looking for a VANITY NUMBER give us a call and we will be happy to help find you one that fits your brand and business. MOST GOOD NUMBERS are not available, you need to go out and BUY THEM or negotiate them, and we have a team in-place to do that for you.

You can use our FREE LOCAL VANITY NUMBER SEARCH service or can also choose from the list below of numbers that are available.



1-646-VIOLATE : This is a great Attorney or Lawyer vanity brand. It was originally designed for a NY ATTORNEY but is is now getting calls all over the country, so it comes built in with some success.

1-215-ANNUITY: Great for an insurance agent or company in the Annuity business.





Newly Available Vanity Numbers

Cabinet Sales or Custom Cabinet Maker Vanity Number


Campaign, Work Out, Camp,Fundraising, tons of options with this great number.


Carkeys-Lockshits and key makers, here is the number for oyu.


Chapter managers, non-profits, Books Retailers,Authors,Clubs,Frat houses…..


Charger sales, Battery Charger manufactures and sales, local battery stores, power company, Electric Sales…..


Charity, non-profits, fundraisers
Checkup, DOCTORS, local clinics, nurses, AUTO CHECK UP, insurance check up, Attorney check up.


Cheddar cheese sales, Food Truck, Catering, to-go, deliver, FAST CASH,loans….


Chowder House, food, fishing, supplies…..franchise


Coldest AC repair, ICE delivery, Ice maker repair, snowblower sales….



We also have numbers that are co-oped, meaning several businesses are using them and may be available in your area code or state. These numbers are typically high-end, and come with great built in value. Most have TV advertising running with the vanity number featured. These are on our “PRIVATE VANITY NUMBER” list so if your interested in a high-end number call 972.800.6670 and we can get an NDA out to you right away. Because these numbers are already part of a national advertising program, it is important to all the stake holders that the number is kept confidential.

Find A Local Vanity Number