More Words to Avoid in Sales

More Words to Avoid in Sales

Continuing the theme of discovering words which can be harmful to your sales campaign we have five more words to avoid using as they have the ability to call to mind more negative connotations then you want portrayed.

6. Strategic

This word is a mistake because it can call to mind that maybe not every move you have endorsed or made has been strategic which can call into question your overall professionalism as well as your seriousness. As a salesman these are two things that you never want to be in question as it disturbs the advising power you possess.

7. Satisfaction

Another word which can appear to simply throw a cloak over a answer, this should always be backed up by specific examples which can be cited and used to illustrate just how satisfied a customer was. As well as to rate their satisfaction from start to finish.

8. Innovation

The only time you should use this word is if the object it is describing is entirely new, calling anything that has been around previously or is based off of existing technology is cheating yourself out of a sale. The reason for this is it sounds exaggerative especially if the customer is aware of the technology your “innovation” is based off of.

9. Premier

There are already sneaker stores, health insurance companies, and bar tending services named Premier.  You want to stand out, so don’t use a word that can apply to such a broad spectrum of industries. Not only that but using the word premier is again highly exaggerative as if your product was being highly awaited like a movie on the red carpet. Never under sell your product but never over sell it either.

10. Teamwork

The only time this should be used, and even then sparingly, is when referring to the partnership you and the customer are building. Using it to refer to your support system can show a reliance on other people to keep you successful, which true or not, is not something you want to broadcast.