On Being Coachable

   On Being Coachable

Being coachable is a major trait to have in any industry. It allows you to adapt to an industry and to acclimate yourself to any job you could find your self in. In sales it is increasingly important as there is always more to learn and better ways of doing things.

 Be Open to Having Your Beliefs Challenged


Being Coachable is being open to having your beliefs challenged. This challenge can open new door ways to great success in not only the sales world of work but many avenues.

Hopefully your coach will ask you questions designed to challenge what you believe. This is to help you understand what you believe and why you believe that. They aren’t trying to be hard on you nor because they don’t think you aren’t good enough or smart enough. These kind of challenge are ment to make you grow and progress so that you can be challenged and expand your knowledge.

Understanding why your beliefs are being challenged will allow you to be coachable. Your role in being coachable requires that you remain open to exploring what you believe and having those beliefs challenged.

Be Open to Changing Your Beliefs

Once you know what and why you have certain beliefs you must be open to adapting them. Participate in identifying and adopting healthier belief system isn’t easy. This takes time.

Be Willing To Take New Actions

To be coachable you have to be willing to take new actions. The new beliefs you have adopted have to take hold in your life with new actions and new behaviors.challenge you to identify the new actions that you need to take based on your new beliefs. Your new beliefs should help you stream line your life and work. instead of doing the same thing over and over again. Making this change will be a leap of faith. Even when it is uncomfortable, and even when you fear taking them. The new actions you take are going to stretch you, and they are going to be uncomfortable for a while.