Over the Phone Sales Tips

Over the Phone

Sales Tips

Whether new to the selling game or old it is always important to remember the basics. I’m sure you have had a coach or teacher of some kind have you practice basic skills over and over even after you could already do them. This focus and return to the fundamentals, whether it be sports, arts, or even selling can be extremely helpful as it reminds us why we do what we do and can encourage us to grow more as we analyze this information with more of a grasp on the entirety of the situation and experience under our belt. Without further ado here are a few tips I like to remind myself and my sales team regularly:

  1. Tone of Voice: Your tone of voice when speaking to anyone on the phone conveys more then you think. If you find yourself speaking in a flat tone with no peaks and valleys it is probable the individual on the other end is interpreting this as a lack of interest and so will meet the same level of interest you show.
  2. Be Friendly: While some may argue that this coincides with your tone of voice I like to draw a special distinction with a couple of modifiers. Calling your contact by their name is an excellent way to engage them and make them feel important. Be sure to speak at a pace as well, a hurried speech can sound rehearsed and come off fake making sure to reaffirm everything you hear is important as well as it makes sure the customer is understanding you as well as you understanding the customer.
  3. Show Respect: No matter what your purpose is in contacting your client the utmost respect should be shown at all times. Even when dealing with gate keepers and the like respect should be foremost in your mind. Respect can also extend to ensuring your phone connection is maintained and that a quiet background is established for the call.
  4. Show, Don’t Tell: When selling it is important to build value with the customer both in the product and in you as the sales person one key area that can improve this. Showing the product and not just telling about it. While this may seem trivial over the phone it should be focused on the most in these situations, without the product in front of the customer they are depending on you to show them with descriptive language what the product can do.