Predictive List Builder

Predictive List builder, groundbreaking product we just released!!!

Our fully automated process produces consumer prospect lists that are GUARANTEED to outperform traditional “select-based” lists.  PLB lists are highly targeted because they’re built from Predictive Models that leverage your own customer data!

With our Predictive List builder you can:

  • Visualize the projected conversion rate of your list
  • Build lists that support multi-channel campaigns including, email, postal, phone and online display advertising
  • Get better results! We guarantee our lists will outperform “select-based” lists that use standard filters

Here’s how this powerful Predictive List Builder solution works:

  • Upload data of your best customers or converters from a previous marketing campaign
  • Predictive List Builder builds a Machine Learning Predictive Model that leverages your customer data combined with hundreds of unique life data points.
  • Predictive List Builder uses your custom Predictive Model to find the best prospects for your campaign, matching know perfect customers
  • We Download your list , send it to you and acquire more customers! (Or our full service team can deploy a marketing campaign against it)

If you are interested in our service, and would like to see a quick demo on how we create such high performing lists give us a call!