Quit Saying This to Prospects

Quit Saying This to Prospects

“Can I Send You Some Information?”

Early in my sales career I was told by my sales manager that, “sending information is not selling” and I am almost sure that no matter what area of sales you are in you have been told or heard the same adage. This is backed up by several decades of sales experts agreeing on this point, if you are unable to isolate and establish your customers, or prospects, needs over the phone then when you send them your information you are just wasting paper as they won’t be inclined to read any of you material.

While information can be a handy tool to get the prospect to understand what it is exactly that you are selling, whether a product or service, you should always know when to send the information. If a customer is requesting information somewhat early in the sales process or seems less then enthused it is likely a ploy to be rid of you as they use the information to get out of the sales call.

It is important to also send them the pertinent information as if the customer feels that you have just offloaded the paperwork onto them without being willing to explain or answer their questions you can easily lose a potential buyer.

If you’re later in the sales process, content can be a powerful tool. Just be careful not to overdo it. Some salespeople send links in an email. Most prospects won’t read all of the links that you send, and they might think you’re being lazy by letting your content do your selling for you. ┬áMy advice is if you’re going to send something that’s important for them to read, be bold about it and say “I’m going to send you three articles that you need to read before our next call. It’ll take you 15 minutes. These resources will help you understand how to solve your challenge” In other words, get commitment that they’ll read it. Then, make sure you use that as the start of your next conversation.