Sales Hook: Was This Helpful?

Sales Hook:

Was This Helpful?

I recently read an article explaining how asking different questions can leave lasting impressions from the hundreds of other sales companies you might compete with. A follow up phrase like the ones we are discussing may also help in preventing problems down the line as the customer takes a chance to stop and analyze whether they need additional help or not.

“Was this helpful?” was the hook which was called to my attention and I was awed at how effective this question could prove to be not only in the sales industry but in any customer driven atmosphere. The question opens up the floor to the customer while allowing them time to consider whether or not they were truly helped. Often times another question may arise, or even still the customer will run into another problem that you could address.

For instance, finishing a sales call by asking “Was that helpful?” can gauge a great many things. The answer can tell you whether the customer was genuinely interested in your product or whether you need to build value in your product in another way to receive a better reception to your product. On top of this the question can also ascertain whether or not there can be even more value attributed to the product in order for the customer to value their purchase more.

Out of the realm of sales call it can be motivating in other ways as well as you show that you value an individuals time by ensuring they valued their time spent with you. In asking this question you see more of the effect you had on the individual who you asked the question of. Their enthusiasm can show how well you did. Where as a bored or monotone response can show you that value still needs to be addressed.