Sales Killer : Procrastination

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Every one in the sales business wants to succeed. No sales person wakes up in the morning and says to themselves, ‘What a fabulous day to completely sabotage myself and make my stress levels elevate the closer I get to my sales dead line.’ And yet so many times when we find ourselves at work and wanting to do anything BUT work. Or even better, rather then putting off work altogether we specifically avoid a certain task or step in the efforts of getting work done.

Procrastination is a bane and an ailment of all sales people, not only does it steal entire days from us but it also ramps up stress, generates guilt and anxiety and can even cause friction in the work place. But what causes procrastination, and how can a proactive sales person combat the urge to put off work until later?

Dealing with Procrastination

In order to properly resist procrastination it is important to know what causes people to slack off when it comes to work. Procrastination is normally caused by two things we all experience in our day to day lives; fear of failure and conversely fear of success.

The fear of failure is a major contributor in the part of procrastination. Every sales person can identify with this notion, feeling that your problems are surmounting or even that they are simply scared of rejection. The truth of the matter that anyone who has been in sales long enough to conquer this fear can tell you is that the worst a customer can do is say no.

On the other side of the proverbial coin we have a fear that while sounding silly is just as potent at killing ambition and drive to succeed. The fear of success, while it sounds fairly silly, can be just as much a factor in freezing your work flow as a fear of failure can be. Most sales people suffering from this fear are put off by the daunting task of success and being expected to do the same or even more in the months ahead. This fear of meeting and exceeding sales goals can put them in a state of fear that the more they succeed the more will be expected of them.