Sales Quote that Maybe Doing More Harm then Good

Sales Quote

That Maybe Doing More Harm then Good

Continuing with the theme of things to avoid or limit saying is a quote that is one of my pet peeves. My father isn’t a sales person by any means but this is one of his personal pet peeves as well. It’s when in any conversation an individual will say…

“Honestly…” or “To be honest with you…”

¬† ¬†Most people don’t see the harm it is actually doing to not only everything you have said to the person within the span of the conversation but it also damages any perception of your character. The reason for this is that if you as a sales person, or even using it in everyday conversation, it raises issues in the mind as to what you have said during the conversation that could have been false. It undermines any facts you may have quoted, and dismisses any trust the prospect may have put in you and your opinion. I myself was guilty of using this phrase as a way to call attention to what I was saying and the honesty of what I was trying to express, it wasn’t until my father sat me down and explained what it meant to him, and to the hundreds of other people that I had ever said it too, until I was able to realize that I was actually damaging myself by saying these seemingly innocuous grouping of words that was destroying my credibility in certain circumstances.

For this group of words, or phrase there is no saving grace I can offer other then merely cut it out of your vocabulary. I hear so many sales people saying it and it makes me want want to instantly interrupt them and inform them exactly what they are doing wrong. So this is my one chance to do so permanently. There is no alternative to this phrase and it is just not necessary.