Sales Sayings that Are Tripping You Up

Sales Sayings

That Could Be Tripping You Up

One of the tips top sales people have shared with me is how to avoid using over used phrases, or phrases that really have no direction to them. Their advice is to limit your usage of these common phrases and instead put thought behind the words you are using in order to sound like a more experienced and professional individual.

“I wanted to…”

   A major flaw in this opening is your immediately making your self the focus of the conversation by addressing what you want as opposed to what the prospect wants. Before the prospect is ever your customer what do they care about your wants? Little to none is usually the honest answer. By relying on the customers good will towards you at this stage, you are setting yourself for failure as they have no ties to you and have no positive experiences in dealing with you.

Fortunately this is an easy phrase to change, instead of drawing focus onto your self make the prospect the priority from the very beginning. Instead of saying, “I wanted too…” change it too “Would you like too…” this shifts all of the focus off of you as the salesperson and makes the conversation about what the prospect wants. This simple change also enables you to find out if the prospect has any other wants that you might be able to capitalize on with your product or service.

As you can see, in this simple change you have already removed the reliance on the prospects patience and willingness to help you with what “you want” because we have changed the phrase to reflect what they want. This enables you as a salesperson to use your active listening skills and identify if there is a want that you can satisfy rather then firing blindly into the dark.