Sales Skills: Good Customer Service

Sales Skills:

Good Customer Service

A major help to any salesman repertoire is the ability to be great at customer service. Customer service alone can win you an extravagant amount of points with prospective customers as well as long time clients. But what is customer service? Most people can agree that most customer service is not only appreciation but also empathy coupled with helpfulness. Seems pretty straight forward right? Simply keep these three defining characteristics in mind and surely you can’t fail.

Well as anyone involved in sales can tell you it isn’t so easy. There are all different kinds of situations we find ourselves in where being paragons of customer service isn’t such an easy choice. If there is a choice at all. Take for instance the situation of giving a customer good news and bad news at the same time. Which news should go first and why? Well studies have shown that if you tell the customer the good news and then the bad news you will convince them to act on the situation faster, where as telling them the bad news and then the good news will lead to more overall happiness. So from a excellent customer service point of view which one is the correct choice?

Customer Service

Unfortunately there is no answer that will always be right. It depends on both your customer as well as the situation.  Sometimes keeping your customer happy will be more important then getting them to act and sometimes the opposite will be true. In most cases the answer will be what you decide is best for that particular customer.  Regardless of your answer the main point of customer service is consistency, sure the choice you made earlier in giving them news was important but not so much as consistency every time you are able to deal with that customer.