SAS Enterprise Miner

SAS Enterprise Miner:

What is SAS Enterprise Miner?

The Statistical Analysis Software, also known by the acronym SAS, Enterprise Miner is a specialized data mining program which uses an advanced algorithm to find patterns at a much faster rate. Functioning with both a interactive and self documenting process enables the data mining to map entire patterns and functions with ease.

This readiness of information streamlines the process of data mining and assists in creating series of highly accurate and descriptive models. In addition these predictive models have a advantage in being linked to a truly massive database, able to garner immense amounts of data to achieve some of the most accurate predictions available.

SAS Enterprise Miners

The SAS Enterprise Miner also allows for more innovative results as the information passes through both validation metrics as well as being able to be visually verified. Once the process is complete it is even possible to compare separate approaches side by side in order to glean even more valuable information.

The SAS Enterprise miner also comes equipped with a automated model deployment system as well as an internal scoring system which circumvents any human error or bias that might arise during manual rewriting. This information can then be released in test environments generated by the SAS Enterprise Miner itself, or patched into your chosen database in real time. Yet another way time and money are saved while producing more accurate results.

These features all compound into a system that can be utilized almost as soon as you enable it. As a forward thinking company, this program can be utilized to dramatically increase sales, while cutting advertising costs. It has been used to ascertain what resources will be needed and when they will be needed. Not to mention the ability to detect and prevent fraud. All in all the SAS Enterprise Miner is really too good of a program to not utilize it to its maximum potential.