Script: Pro Vs. Con

Pros and Cons of using Script when selling

When selling a script can be your ace in the hole or can kill your sell before you even really get started. Today we are going to look at the pros and cons of a script


undefinedEfficiency. A script can help your entire team follow best practice so they don’t have to spend their time reinventing what to say.
undefinedStructure: You propably already know how to structure the conversation so it works best for your business. So, you want to ensure that your sales team sticks to it.
undefinedOptimization: It’s easier to track the effect of changes to the way your sales team approaches lead conversations if they all follow a script


undefined The robot syndrome: By sticking too closely to written words, you risk sounding like a robot
undefined Limiting freedom: Some sales reps may be more confident with inventing as they go along than following a script

A script is a script – right?!

Besides talking pros and cons, you should also consider your approach to sales call scripts carefully. The one-size-fits-all- approach does not apply for prospecting scripts.

You may be talking to decision makers in various stages of the buying process, and if you choose to write a sales pitch script, it should support every single stage. If you are calling somebody who is familiar with a product like yours, you do not need to include the same amount of basic benefits as if you were talking to someone who doesn’t yet know that your product can actually solve their biggest challenges.

Writing a sales script to support your cold calling or prospecting effort requires some time investment to get it working well for your team.

However, if you manage to hit a balance between sufficient structure and room for some creativeness in your script, it would in most cases improve your prospecting results. Especially for cold calling or early-stage conversations where you are contacting the lead for the first time, structuring the conversation right every time is important.

When you call leads further down the sales funnel or if you call existing customers, you may not need a script – or you can create a script that allows much more room for freely referring to earlier conversations.