Simplifying is Successful


is Successful

When selling complex plans it is important to not overwhelm the interested party with too much information at one time. In contrast to traditional sales which can be resolved in days if not less time, a complex sale may last weeks or months as the buyer considers their options. As a salesperson it is your job to help them discover what their needs are and have them met by your product. Because the buyer is still figuring out the extent of their needs as well as how to solve them it is only natural to take time when looking for a solution.

This is where a slow simple approach is successful. Rather then overloading them with information it is your job to allow them to acclimate themselves to your product and solution without losing their interest. The easiest way of doing that is paying special attention to the complexity of what you are explaining, making sure not to go into too much detail so as too flood their way of thinking. For many people complexity equals risk and exposing them to too much information too quickly can actually be detrimental to your end goal.

It is also crucial to note that change scares most people. The status quo is comfortable no matter how much it limits our abilities for growth and profit. This applies to buyers as much as it does to you the seller. The most effective way to sell is to guide your prospect on a explorative conversation of what they require and simply explain how your product can meet that need before finding out the next need. It is very critical that you don’t scare away your customers with a deluge of information that they can’t yet process or will ever need to process.