Spokespersons, are they worth it?

Many brands these days rely heavlily on celeberity talaent, but are they really worth it?

To answer that question, it is important to understand what goes into the process as well as understanding of all the costs.


Finding talent can be done directly or via a broker, but the talaent will typicall chareg a stage fee (a one time production fee), then production fee and then roalities.

Prices will vary on talent and popularity, as well as ego and the skills of the parties negoaiting on both sides of the project.

Here is an example of a spokesperson deal:

Brokers fee: $25,000
Stage Fee: $11,000
Talent Fee: $250,000 annual roality

Seems like alot, but it did increase call volume by 7% on a $14million dollar annual TV spending making it a huge win.