Telephone Tips

Selling on the Telephone Tips

The first thing you have to do is Be Fearless. You can’t take anything to personal. And you have to be confident so that someone can feel this over the phone. No matter how badly someone treats you, realize that the minute the call is over, you won’t have to talk to them again.
Second you want to Make Your Calls Planed! What I mean by this is you want to have planned times you are calling out. Usually, morning is better than afternoons and evenings better than that. This is because the person that makes the most of the discussions is home and has some time to talk.
Third, Your Voice. Businesspeople may be courteous toward amateurs, but they like to do business with other professionals. Your voice can convey either. If you’re nervous, your voice gets higher. In addition, nerves increase the speed with which we speak. Deliberately counteract these tendencies. Before you make you call you want to slow your breathing and focus on no sounding fake but like yourself.
Fourth Plan each call. What is the objective? Normally, it won’t be to introduce yourself, describe your product and make a sale all in a single call. Typically, it should be limited to one of these. So if your objective is to set up a sales appointment, craft your script to this goal and stick to it. Avoiding getting drawn into a discussion outside of this objective will improve your success rate and earn you credibility with the target, as she will recognize that you are also a busy professional.
5th, Your script. This should be uncomplicated and direct. Introduce yourself with confidence and credibility, provide a brief explanation as to why you are calling and ask for your objective:
“Hi John, this is Mary Jones, president of XYZ company. I have a product that we use with several other companies like yours, such as example 1, example 2. I am working in your area next Tuesday and Thursday morning and would like to briefly show you how we saved these companies $___. I have a slot at 9 a.m. on Tuesday. Would that work?
Note: When you get a question, one good technique is to answer directly and briefly and follow with a question. Example:
“How do you save them money?”
“We have a new proprietary system that reduces waste by more than 50 percent. I see I also have an 11 a.m. slot…does 9 or 11 work best?