Words to Avoid in Sales

Words to Avoid in Sales

It should come to no surprise that words have a particular meaning, but often times we don’t realize just how much impact our words can have in a certain situation. Such as calling to mind a more negative outcome, or one which doesn’t require action, and these words can easily turn your effort on its head.

1. Leading

In sales, this word usually has no basis in fact.  There is no general way for you to either prove that your company is the leader in its field, just as there is no way to prove your competitors are not, it rings hollow to anyone who truly understands that only you decided to call your company the leader.

2. Actionable

Is a strange word which both means ready for action but also calls to mind law suits that have grounds for being tried in the court system. This can prove to be a double edged sword as it can call to mind legal trouble as often as it can call to mind something being ready to go.

3. User experience

Saying you have a positive user experience doesn’t really tell your customer anything about your product. Instead it proves to be a catch all which you throw out whenever someone has asked a question you don’t know the answer too. Instead you need to be able to point to specific detailed situations which can illuminate what you mean by user experience.

4. Results

If you have the urge to bring up results you had better also have the ability to bring up specific examples of the kinds of results you will achieve.  Saying that you will get results doesn’t necessarily mean you will achieve a positive outcome for your client – it just means that something will change.

5. “A” game

If you have ever heard this as someone who isn’t involved in sales you can hear how unprofessional this sounds. Not only does it suggest that you haven’t been giving your best effort  up until this point but it also suggest a childish reliance on the client seeing that you are working hard.