Writing Tips for Sales Emails

Writing Tips for Sales Emails

Are you curious how so many sales people can write such interesting emails? Wouldn’t you like to write emails that caught their readers attention and kept it throughout? Well writing isn’t always easy, as I am sure any one who has ever put pen to paper, or fingers to a keyboard as it were, can tell you. Often times we get so caught up in pushing our message out that we forget that no matter if the email is going to a client or to Ted down in Marketing we are writing for a particular audience. And nothing sells like knowing your audience.

Better Writing Tips

One fantastic way to keep a readers attention is what I have just illustrated above, a break in the wall of text. Giving people a easy to read format that lets them know when thoughts are connected or separated through the use of brakes in the “narrative” as it were are pivotal to your success in capturing your readers attention as a large wall of text can be discouraging and readers can easily lose their place in the maze of words you weave.

Another formatting trick is to bold or italicize your important points, the human eye will automatically draw attention to these pieces of the literary puzzle in front of them and decipher the entire message into how it applies to these specific key points that you have pointed out for your reader to grasp a hold of. Even underlining can prove to be a valuable tool in your writing arsenal. Be warned though that too much font editing can discourage the focus sparse edits can achieve.

The important bits should always be summarized and if possible bullet pointed, for an example consider what I said in the earlier paragraph. THese three ways are excellent ways to catch your readers attention, they are:

  • bolding your words
  • italicizing your words
  • underlining your words

Right away both the break in your formatting and the call to focus is achieved at once drawing more attention to the ideas, if there are more then one, as well as creating a quick summary for someone to revisit without having to read the entire article again.

Finally just as in a proper sales call ask questions that have a positive outcome. The more you can allow a reader to agree with you the more they will accept what is said in the post. While I don’t think necessarily asking your sales prospect if they like ice cream is conducive to a proper sales conversation starting an email or blog entry like I did above is away to get individuals to begin nodding their heads to your message before your message even begins.